Selecting A Domain Name For Business

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[or_row full_width=”stretch_row” video_bg_url=”” parallax_speed=”1″ parallax_background_size=”yes”][or_column width=”12/12″][or_column_text]In this article, you are going to learn everything you need to know about selecting a domain name for business. Please don’t forget to check out my post on making money online as a social media consultant or social media agency. Read the step by step guide here.


This is one of the most overlooked steps when starting a business online which has led to bad choice in selecting a domain name for a business.Today is your lucky day as you would find this post very helpful if you want to start a business online. I am going to talk about some of the steps to take before selecting a domain name for business.


It is a good practice to put your primary keyword in your domain name. This is cool because it brings good targeted traffic to your website. To make this work, you have to first do proper keyword research in other to know what your potential customers will be typing in search engines to look for your product.You would agree with me that getting traffic to your site is very important because it wouldn’t do you any good to have a great website that no one visits.

If you need help purchasing a domain or you want to set up a new website from scratch, need ideal on the best software to grow your business. Chances are, you would need support. I am offering my 100% day or night support FREE OF CHARGE. You can use the comment section below to get in touch or contact me through my contact us page above and i will get back to you asap.


Big companies like, etc are all trade mark domain names. Also some related domain names are also under their umbrella so be sure to do a proper research so you don’t get into trouble with them in the long run. By not paying attention to this can expose you to law suits etc.


If you already have a registered company, it is good to make sure your company name is somehow included in your domain name. If you don’t have a registered company, consider including the name of the product you are promoting in the domain name.

That way, anyone that is searching for that product in search engines will see your website or rather your website will be included in the search results. Technically, this drives good targeted traffic to your website.

Should it be a .com .biz, .co, .ng,, .us ?

There is plenty of conversation going around the web on which is best to use when selecting a domain name for business. My take on this is that, you should choose a .com domain name if your business model is for international audience.

If you business is targeting a specific region, i suggest you opt for a domain name that is associated with that region.

A .com domain name is considered as premium domain name. it is my recommended choice to choose a .com domain name because with time, you might want to take your business global.

Also .org works good too. Right now, getting a good .com domain name is difficult as most of the good names have already been bought but if you know how to formulate phrases very well, you can still hit it big getting a good .com domain name.


This is one important part of selecting a domain name you want to pay attention to because i have seen people who later realized that their chosen domain name is not brandable which leads them to opt for a domain name change.

If this were to happen to you, you will lose traffic and lots of customers because people have already associated your business or product with that domain name.

When you opt for a change, you lose all those links you have built over time and this can really affect your business in the long run. So be sure that your domain name of choice is brand-able.


First, i want to state that using special characters like hyphen does not mean that your website won’t rank but it can get confusing for people who are trying to access your website.

They could easily make a mistake when typing your domain name in their browser.

My recommendation is that, if you want to use hyphens, please make sure the domain name is short and not long so as not to be confusing.

Lets take using numbers for example. If you happen to include the number zero in your domain name and someone happen to tell another person about your website verbally. That person might think the number zero is the letter o. This can be really confusing and can lead to lose of potential customers.


I bet you already see the benefit of using a domain name that is easy to remember. It is the way to go because if your chosen domain name is easy to remember, it means that people will be able to access your website easily even if they are told verbally etc.

This also means that your domain name has to be short. Short names are easier to remember than long names. Please pay attention to this as it is the way forward.


This is another important step to keep in mind as a good company with good support is a good boost to your business.

You don’t want to use a domain registrar that is slow to respond to customers. You don’t want to use a domain registrar that is not concerned or interested in your website needs. So this is important.

I have seen people who decide to change their domain registrar because of their slow response time.

Also because they are not attending to the needs of the customer. You also don’t want to choose a domain name registrar that is always experiencing some difficulties on their end which ends up affecting your website.

If they are having issues on their end, it might affect your hosted website. That is not good as you will likely lose potential customers.

There are a lot of domain registrar to choose from like Hostgator, Godaddy, bluehost etc but my recommendation is whogohost. They are one of the best hosting company and they are excellent in their services by being very interested in your needs. What makes me like them more is that, your website is always online no matter what. I am personally using their services to host this website.

They have a very integrated system in place to take care of any situations that may arise with your domain and i am very satisfied with them. Go here now to get your domain name.


I hope this article helps you register the right domain for your business as selecting a domain name for business is very tricky.

Please if you have any comment or have a question on this subject, please comment below. i respond to every comment.


My name is Jome Alawuru. I am married with 3 lovely kids. I sell software (Internet Marketing Products) online and i am very passionate about what i do. As required by law, i am an affiliate to a number of affiliate network and as such, i get paid when a person buys through any link in this website but please know that it does not affect what you pay for the product in anyway. Between, I only recommend awesome marketing products Thanks.

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