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Welcome to my article on how to start a social media management agency from scratch. There is no reason for you to stall anymore as everything is covered with regards to how to start a social media management agency. Happy reading.


WHAT IS A SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT AGENCY: A social media marketing agency is a agency that helps companies promote their products, creating effective ways to help manage their brand presence on social media networks.

Social media management agency style of online business is a new trend which is very beneficial to business owners and social media marketers alike. This is so because, most business owners just want to concentrate on running their businesses. Social media marketing is very time consuming and most startups try to do it on their own. But after awhile, they realize they can’t run their business and also manage their social media presence. This is where a social media management agency comes in.

Imagine charging from $300 to $1000 per client for a month to manage their social media marketing. If you can deliver. Folks will pay you more.

To be able to learn how to start a social media management agency business very well, there are some things to put in mind before embarking on this journey of how to start a social media management agency. management agency. First you have to read all of this post on how to start a social media marketing agency to stand a chance. We are going to talk more on the steps to take shortly.

Before we go on, you got to be aware that this takes hard work for anyone who wants to learn how to start a social media management agency but i hope this post on how to start a social media management agency will set you in the right direction so read on.

The truth is, social media management is very time consuming without the right information and tools. So, you can see why businesses are very willing to pay up to $3000 per month to manage their social media account. As long as you are ready work, there are lots of clients available for you. Now lets get to how to start a social media management agency from scratch.


This is one of the most important step for anyone who wants to learn how to start a social media management agency. This is so because, starting a general social media marketing agency will put you in a position where you are competing with the most popular social media management agencies which is not good for you as a starter. So choosing a niche that is more targeted is the way to go.

The niche you should choose should be what you are very familiar with. People tend to do very well with something they are passionate about. If say for instance you pick a niche in baby toys, you should be an expert in that niche. Meaning you know a lot in that niche. not only that, you know how to market business in that niche on social media. To learn how to start a social media management agency you must seriously consider the niche you plan on getting into.

So lets take baby toys niche for instance, your target audience will then be business owners in that niche who need social media management service. it could be to manage their FB fan page, get new leads on social media, grow their fan page likes, or total management of their Facebook marketing, creating content for their page, getting new leads, promoting their business on Facebook and other social platforms.


This post on how to start a social media management agency is getting so long but we really must talk about registering your new company name.This is necessary at some point but if you can afford it right away, why not?. You should consider having a registered business name. This can come later of course. It shows your prospective clients that you are legitimate and can be trusted. I am not sure how to do this in your respective country but it should be easy but it can take some time before it is approved. Yea, i am talking in respect of my country Nigeria.


This is very important as having a web presence is key to your success. It shouldn’t be complicated. WordPress is a good choice to set up your social media agency on as it will be easy for you to manage. Besides, there are a lot of free resources if you choose WordPress although you can decide to use any platform that you are most comfortable with. Your website should display your packages and relevant info about you. It should also contain all your social accounts and your FB fan page.

To get started with building your website, you need a domain name and hosting account. My N01 domain registrar and hosting company is WHOGOHOST. All my websites are running on their platform and their support and response time is just super. Yea, i know you know about the more established hosting companies but hey, they don’t have the best of support.

I remember hosting my website on and had to wait for hours to get someone to answer. The more smaller ones are more better in terms of support and WHOGOHOST stands tall in this regard. Before choosing a domain name, you might want to read this valuable blog post on CHOOSING THE RIGHT DOMAIN NAME FOR BUSINESS. Read it then come back to finish this post. Make sure to buy your domain and hosting from the links above. You also get huge bundle graphics if you purchase domain and hosting through the links in this website. You would also need a WP Theme if you decide to use WP. There are lots of free WP Themes at Yea, both free and paid. Choose one that fits what you want your website to look like.


Another important step is knowing the kind of package you want to provide to your clients. This post on how to start a social media management agency has everything you need to decide on the kind of packages you want to create. This has to be packaged in a way that is easy to understand by clients.

You have to  also figured out how to deliver. Most business owners don’t want to know what you are doing or how you have been busy helping their business. They want results on what you promised in your package. So setting up the kind of packages that you can deliver is one of the key to your success. To do this, you have to check your skills and see the ones you can deliver on and create the package based on that. Since you are just starting out, i suggest you read this how to start a social media management agency to the end as it is very important to set goals. Small goals that you can achieve before setting big ones. Look for smaller clients that you can manage at first by yourself before scaling up your business. There are a lot of small local business owners that you could target. Dentist, Real estate brokers, accountants, hair stylist and lots more..The list is endless.

When planning your packages after you have read this how to start a social media management agency, it is a good practice to spell out the task you intend to do in a way the client can understand and remember it should be based on the skills that you posses. Indicate if you would create content (Written content, create videos, Graphics also content curation. You also want to note if you will do Audience acquisition (Growing following, grow email list etc).


It is good to note that not all package should include content creation, audience acquisition. It should be around the skills you can deliver on. Don’t ever forget that. Don’t create packages that will take your life away. I hope this how to start a social media management agency helps you achieve your set goals. continue reading.


You need to create a logo for your new website or for clients. If you know how to use Photoshop, good for you. Create a logo and favicon to add to your website. But if you know nothing about graphics design, you can check our logo genie pro which is my recommended logo and graphics creator. You can also offer logo design services and graphics services in your social media agency. It also comes with the ability for you to create logos for your clients and yourself in minutes. I use it to create just about any kind of graphics for my business.. Very good deal. You will find resources later on in this below.


During my research before writing this post on how to start a social medial management agency, i discovered that to get yourself established as an expert in your niche, you need to start creating niche targeted content. You would agree with me that since you are not yet known as a expert in your chosen niche writing is a good way to establish yourself. Think of it, no one will give business to someone no one knows. Writing at least 1 blog post per week or 2 blog post per week is the way to go. I read some post where you are advised to write as many as you could write per week? Think about it, what is the point of writing so many posts that no one sees or one that gets scanty views. One needs time to promote each post. After writing each article, you can post and promote on your chosen social platforms you are targeting.

Post your content everywhere. What i mean is, after creating a blog post, proceed to turn that article to video but this time, do a shorter version so you can refer people to read the complete piece at your website. Post on different social platforms.  Create backlinks for each article on social bookmarking websites. Create short post on other social networks referring people to your new blog post. do this on as many social networks as you could manage. create as many backlinks as posible. If you are truly serious about creating backlinks. I encourage you to checck out banklink Indexer

Turn your articles to images sharing them on image sharing websites. Do audio recording of your articles and share them on audio sharing websites. Don’t forget that each article should be designed to build you a email list. So craft it very well and at the end of each post. Offer something related to the article for free encouraging your audience to get on your email list for the free gift. We will get to building your email list shortly. Also, be active in forums related to your niche. Another effective strategy to use when writing your articles, is writing in such a way that you target local businesses. It could be in the title of the article and also in the post. If you want some help with content creation, you can contact me using the contact form above or comment on this post.


Building a email list or getting new prospect is the only way to stay alive in any business. You need new leads everyday for your business so starting to build a email list from day one is the way to go. There are some things to note before you get started with list building. You need a lead magnet, a landing page builder and a autoresponder. My N01 recommendation for landing page builder is WP Origin Builder. It can build you any kind of marketing page and none marketing page with ease. You also have ready made templates you can also use. Origin builder is a must have. For autoresponder, Aweber is the way to go. You would have to create the lead magnet yourself or you can get in touch with me and i can help you create it for a little cheap fee. Get in touch with me here. You can checkout origin builder here. It comes with a wp plugin.


The concept of using a lead magnet to promote your service is a very rewarding way to market. One, it establishes you as an expert in that field and also it helps you build your email list. After creating your lead magnet, promote it on groups, all your social accounts etc. As you build your email list, you should get in touch with your list on a daily basis. Send them your blog posts, ask them questions about the problem they are having in their business, connect with them.


We are not going to go into details on how to market on every social platforms but i am just going to give you a simple strategy that you can apply to promote your business every other day. Lets take Facebook for instant. You can send personalize messages to people that are business owners or have a businesses online that you have mutual friends with telling them that you saw their profile and noticed you have mutual friends and you would like to connect but you didn’t want to just send them a friend request as you think that would be rude so you thought you should send them a message first to ask for their permission to send a friend request.

You can send such message to 15 people each day. They will respond and out of the 15, some will send you a friend request. The ones that does not respond to your message. no need to bother them or send them a friend request.

Once you become friends with the person, you can tell them about your service. But note that the first thing to do is to add as many friends that are business owners or who have online businesses. So that, your mutual friends would likely be business owners. You can then start sending the personalize messages. It works. Besides telling them about your business, you could also invite them to like your fan page to get updates from your fan page. Either way, it is a win win situation.

You can apply this simple strategy to other social networks. The thing is, you have to be consistent. I also advice that you try to learn how to market on the different social platforms you want to target. You can go on google and type ” Free facebook marketing training or ebook. Do that for the other social networks you want to target. Read and learn. I will be offering a free Facebook Marketing Ebook Soon. Watch out for that. If you are very serious about managing your social accounts and automating your social marketing, you should get SociHub. You can add as many facebook accounts, schedule post, full analytics and many more. Click here to visit the salespage


Getting the right tools to make your social media marketing agency a success is a must. Marketing on social media is very time consuming and chances are, it will overwhelm you as there is so much to do with little time. I am going to recommend only tested tools that can deliver. But it is not a must to get these tools. It is only for people who want leverage the power of technology to automate the task you need to be doing on a daily basis for your business and clients. These are tools that will deliver and they will always be in the market.

My first pick would be SociHuB with Agency Rights. SociHub gives you the power to promote & manage up to 6 social media platforms from one single dashboard. It comes with Agency rights which mean, you can even offer it to local clients as a service. How much do you think local businesses will pay to be able to manage 6 of the top social networks by themselves? Heck, you could even offer to manage it for them yourself for a fee. The icing on the cake is that, it also comes with reseller rights. So if you want to include the sales of software besides social media management, then, you need SociHub Agency plus Reseller Rights. Click here to visit the sales page.

SociHub Best social media management tool

The next in line would be Logo Genie Pro: This is a lifetime membership that allows you to create unlimited logos & graphics for yourself and for clients. You got to take a look at some of the top freelancing sites to see how much it cost to have a logo created for you. I am personally using this product and it is a no brainer. Click here to visit the sales page.

Logo Genie Prol

The next would be Origin Builder: This is the only landing page builder you would ever need. It builds you any kind of landing pages/websites and you can use them for clients too. It comes in the form of a WP plugins. Templates are extensively available in the WP plugin. It also comes with icons and different marketing triggers to make your sales pages convert with ease. I am personally using Origin builder in my business and it comes highly recommended. You can visit the sales page here.

Origin builder review

My next pick would be Avatar Genie pro: This lets you create customer avatars, ebook covers, cartoon characters for yourself and clients. You can also use it to create cartoon characters for use in your videos as a spokesperson. You would agree with me that you do not need to be in the videos.


The next would be Video Titan: This comprises of 6 different tools to make creating, ranking videos very easy. With the the tools, you could even include certain services that the tool can enable you do easily. Like it could help you create high quality marketing videos that convert, Optimize videos, researching video keywords. drive traffic to your videos and so much more..This is a must have tool.

Video Titan 2.0

The next would be Backlinks Indexer. Backlinks indexer creates backlinks for you on social bookmarking websites  and also on high ranking blogs in your niche. This product has been in the market for long which proves that it works. I have also personally used it before and can honestly say, it does what it says it does.

Backlinks Indexer review


I have come to the end of this post on how to start a social media management agency. Whether you plan on starting one or not. The tools mentioned are all tested and trusted tools. Click any of the links to check them out. Also comment below if you have questions or have a suggestion. We would love to hear from you.


My name is Jome Alawuru. I am married with 3 lovely kids. I sell software (Internet Marketing Products) online and i am very passionate about what i do. As required by law, i am an affiliate to a number of affiliate network and as such, i get paid when a person buys through any link in this website but please know that it does not affect what you pay for the product in anyway. Between, I only recommend awesome marketing products Thanks.



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