Welcome to my doodly review. If you are looking for information on doodly, then read on as you are on the right website. In this doodly review you are going to learn things like what doodly is all about, who is the creator, what are the features, why you need doodly in your marketing plan, what are the pros and cons and lastly what is my conclusion. Before we get started with doodly review, please check out my review on Dark Post Engine which enables you to create profitable Facebook ads campaign every single time.


This doodly review, will shed more light on what doodly is all about so anyone looking to buy this desktop software can make an informed decision. Doodly is simply a very powerful desktop software that allows internet marketers, affiliate marketers, social media marketers, business owners to create animated videos using  a powerful drag and drop technology that you won’t find with other desktop video creation software. It is very newbie friendly and it is designed for people who are camera shy. This means that, if you do not like be ing on camera while making your marketing videos, then, Doodly is for you.


While doing my research before writing this doodly review, i was able to research the creator of this amazing software. The creator is a guy named Jimmy Kim who is a well known internet marketer. He has come up with a lot of high quality internet marketing products that have become bestsellers in the JVZOO marketplace. He is known to create quality products that deliver so doodly is no exception. You will be getting a great value for your money if you decided to buy this amazing desktop video creation software.


– You get over 200 custom poses.
– 20 different scenes.
– 200 props and ability to import your own graphics into the software for
   immediate use.
– You don’t have to be in front of a camera to create videos with doodly.
– You will be able to create unlimited videos right from your desktop for
   all your marketing.
– You do not need internet to create videos as it is a desktop software.
– It features a state of the art drag and drop interface for easy creation of
– You will be able to create professional animated videos for your products
   and services even if you have never made a video before and much more


This doodly review is going to highlight why you need doodly in your marketing plan.
We all know that videos appeal to a lot of people in today’s marketing world as a lot of people prefer to watch videos than read through an articles. This has led to another type of audience in the marketing world.
Gone are those days when you write articles about a subject and expect everyone to read through. Some people don’t just like reading. They prefer to watch videos about a subject or watch a video about a product instead of reading about the product. This is where video marketing comes in. Smart marketers that are aware of this trend are now including video creation in their marketing plan in other to tap into that audience.
This is very effective strategy which leads to more traffic to your website and then sales. You would be leaving a lot of money on the table if you do not apply video marketing in your marketing plan. Just take a look at YouTube for instance. Beside google search, YouTube search is the second biggest search engine in the internet today. Thanks to lots of users posting different videos on different topics. Also if you run a search on google search, you will find out that videos come first in the search results before blog posts etc.
So video is a good way to drive traffic to your website and also, it drives sales. Every marketer should include video creation in their overall marketing plan. Creating the perfect video can be time consuming if you have to stay in front of the camera to create the videos hence a lot of people are utilizing video creation software that does not require you to be in front of the camera. This is were doodly comes in. You don’t have to be in front of the camera to create videos plus it is very easy to create professional animated videos with doodly.


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This doodly review has shown that it is a must have if you do any kind of promotion in the internet. It is very effective and very newbie friendly. What makes me like it even more is that, there is a 30 days money back guarantee which means you have nothing to lose. You can try it for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, you can request a refund but i don’t think you will do that as doodly delivers. This doodly review covers everything for you to make a well informed decision. I suggest you click the buy button below to download your copy of doodly now before the price increases.


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