Choosing a domain name

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Welcome to my video post on choosing a domain name. You can watch the video below.

Choosing a domain name


Hello, Welcome to my YouTube channel.. My name is Jome Alawuru and Today, i am going to walk you through the steps for selecting the right domain name for a business..
Why do we need the right domain name for a business?
Well, A lot of startups end up changing their domain name after while because, they later found out another domain name would be best for their business and that leads to: loss of website traffic, loss of revenue, loss of website rankings
To select the right domain name for a business, You must consider the following 8 steps:
Step 1 Putting your primary keyword in your domain name.
Step 2 Your domain name must be easy to remember.
Step 3 Should my domain name be a dot come, dot net?
Step 4 Choosing a reputable company to register your domain with.
Step 5 Avoid using special characters and numbers in your domain name.
We have come to the end of this video but please visit our website to read about the 8 factors or watch the complete video by following the link below in the description box.
Selecting A Domain Name For Business
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