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seo tips clipToday we are going to be talking about SEO tips. First we are going to understand what is SEO and why we need to apply it in our blogpost. We are also going to be looking at some SEO tips we can apply in our blog post. We all know how important search engine traffic is and to my knowledge, Search engine traffic is the best traffic because it is free. Before we get started, please don’t forget to check out my last blog post on Starting a dropshipping business.


SEO simply means search engine optimization. This is a very important factor in ranking any webpage. With the new update from google, this has become very important. If you are thinking of ranking your webpages and getting free traffic from the search engines, you need to apply these seo tips in this article for maximum results.

I have decided to write this blog post on seo tips in order to help anyone who does not understand how seo works. This article on seo tips is also to give pointers on simple seo tips anyone can apply to improve their post in other for it to be able to rank on search engines.

Imagine writing an awesome article and the post can’t be found on google or on search engines. That is not a good thing considering the energy and resources that has been spent writing such a great post. If you are providing good content, you need to apply search engine optimization in other for to reap the benefit of providing good content.

As a matter of fact most website seo problems are just simple seo tips they did not apply when writing their post. Remember anything that is worth doing is worth doing well. If you plan to grow your blog the right way, you have to consider applying these seo tips we are talking about in this post.



  • Make sure your post is readable. It is best to use short sentences when writing your blog post as it will improve readability of your post. You don’t want to write a post that is difficult to read and understand. So make sure you are applying this seo tips.
  • Your post must have a H2 tag on the next paragraph after the first paragraph. This helps tells search engines what you are ranking for.
  • Your post must have a focus keyword and description for the post.
  • Avoid using stop words in your post title and focus keyword.
  • The word count of your post should be at least 300 words or above.
  • One great seo tips you want to always apply to your post is making sure that you are not linking your focus keyword to another post or website. There is no way your post will rank if you fail to apply this seo tip. Say for instance you want to rank for “dog food” and in the post, you link “dog food” to maybe a sales page. That practice is wrong and your post will not rank.
  • Another Seo tips i want to talk about is making sure that your focus keyword should be in the url of your post. This is a very good seo tip if you actually want your post to rank with search engines.
  • First when writing your blog post, the subject of the post should not be more than 65 characters although google has made it possible for people to use longer subjects. A shorter subject reduces the chances of some part of your subject not showing in search results. This seo tips is important although it is not a ranking factor. Why this is important is because, if you use a long subject, some part of your subject will be lost when displayed on search engine results.
  • So always try to use a shorter subject and also make sure that you have not used that subject before. You should also make sure that your focus keyword should be in the subject of your post. A better place would be the starting of the subject. If you don’t know what a “Focus Keyword” is, it is simple the keyword you want the post to rank for with search engines.
  • You should also make sure that you have at least one image in the post and the focus keyword should be in the alternative text of the image. This seo tips is important and compulsory if you want to rank a post. So pay good attention to this.
  • The first paragraph must have your focus keyword. Also, after inserting the image for your post, make sure there is no space between the image and your first paragraph as your image and the first paragraph has to be together on the same line without any spaces. If this seo tips is not applied, search engines will take it that your focus keyword is not in the first paragraph which might lead to your post not ranking. This seo tip is from personal experience. So if you want your pages to rank make sure you are applying these seo tips effectively.
  • When writing your post, make sure to incorporate other related keywords you want your post to rank for also. This helps your post reach a bigger audience. So make sure you are applying this seo tips very well. Your post will be able to rank for your focus keyword and related keywords you applied in your post.
  • It is also a good practice to link text or terms in your post to authority websites like google, wiki pages etc.
  • You want to make sure that your focus keyword has a good density in your post. This means that you shouldn’t allow your focus keyword to appear too many times in your post. The keyword density shouldn’t be at up to 3%. To be able to get very good guidance for this, consider installing Yaost wp plugin in your blog. It is free although there is an upgraded version. Unless you need other functions, the basic one is good and will get the job done. This amazing plugin will guide you every step of the way as you write your blog post. it is what i am using and it is very effective. All the seo tips in this post is highly recommended.
  • Make sure you are researching your keywords before using them in your post. This is one seo tips you don’t want to miss using as it can make all the difference. Also make sure you are using tags that is related to your post. Add as many related tags so your post can reach a wider audience.
  • If you don’t already have a google webmaster account, consider creating an account. This is important because you get great advice and recommendations from the number 1 search engine in the internet for your website (google).
  • There is no way you will know if your website have issues but with a webmaster account, you can be rest assured that google will notify you if there is an seo issue with your website. This seo tips is very important so make sure you are using this tip.
  • You can use your webmaster/search console account to get great insight about your site. Things like what your site is ranking for, what pages are indexed, how many website are linking to your site etc. You will also want to link your google search console account to your google analytics account. This improves the data that will be available to you from google.
  • Liking your search console account and google analytics account, enables you to get special treatment from google and also to make your pages display on search results for keyword your post is targeting. You should consider setting up a google+ account too for your business. Set the page post to public. That way, when you share it on your google plus account, it will be available on google network including google search.
  • If you want to build high quality backlinks the right way, consider subscribing to my email list so you will get notification when it is posted. I will be offering folks a chance to start building high quality backlinks with me.
  • Building backlinks is a long term project and should not be rushed. SEO strategy is long term but applying seo tips from this article will greatly improve your website and your posts rankings.
  • Seo tips is great when applied well. To be able to rank on the first page of google, make sure that your content is unique. avoid copying content from other websites and placing it on your website. Although you can re-write content in your own words even if you found the content on other websites.
  • Writing it in your own words makes it yours but do make sure that you are doing it correctly so as not to get penalized by google and social bookmarking sites.
  • Make sure your website have all relevant pages. i.e Terms & conditions, Privacy policy, etc. Also make sure your address and phone number is on your website. if you are selling as an affiliate marketer, make sure that you have your disclosure in place on your website. preferably, it should be at the bottom of each post so it is very visible. Applying this seo tips will greatly improve your website.
  • Do not use a focus keyword twice. Meaning you shouldn’t use a focus keyword for a post and still use it for another post. Your focus keyword has to be unique.
  • Link your website main keyword to your domain in your post but do not abuse it. Say for example, this site is targeting the keyword internet marketing product review . To do this, I will now link the above keyword to this domain name This is another cool seo tips you want to be using to improve the overall ranking of your website with search engines.
  • It is good to add keywords to title tags, links, meta description, header tags and Alternative text
  • It is good to make sure that each page has it’s own unique description with your focus keyword in it
  • It is good to check site load speed on different browsers
  • It is good to analyze inbound link profile. This is important.
  • It is a good practice to check for broken website links and fix them accordingly.
  • It is good to add a structure data mark up code
  • It is good to claim authorship of content
  • It is also good to remove outbound links that are not relevant.
  • It is good to create a user friendly 404 pages
  • It is good to improve website load time. What really slows down website in wordpress website is installing heavy plugins or having too many plugins installed. Also, if you have a lot of pictures hosted on your website. it can still slow your website load time. To fix this, only upload relevant plugins. Try hosting your website images on other services.
  • Make sure to create and submit your site map (XML)

We have come to the end of this article on seo tips. If you are serious about improving your website, you should try and apply all the seo tips mentioned in this post for a positive result. Please if you have questions about this post, comment below. Feel free to share your seo strategies below. i respond to every comment.