wp proficom reviewIf you are looking for wp proficon review, you are on the right website. So read on to learn what wp proficom is all about, who is the creator, what are the features, why wp proficom is better than shopify, what are marketers saying about wp proficom, what are the pros and cons and lastly my conclusion. Before we get started with wp proficom review, please do check out my review on Doodly which allows anyone to make professional animated marketing videos.


This wp proficom review intends to give folks insight on what wp proficom is all about. Wp proficom is a unique WordPress plugin that enables anyone to set up profitable ecommerce stores easily. If you are planning on doing dropshipping with Aliexpress or eBay then this plugin is for you. This is powerful plugin that makes it super easy to start a dropshipping business even if you know nothing about ecommerce before. It comes with powerful training, cases studies and a unique method call the “profit ads method” that can take you from 0 to 100K per month doing dropshipping with Aliexpress or Ebay. Everything you need to know and do is all included when you buy this WordPress dropshipping plugin today. WP proficom works with woocommerce which is a very reliable platform and most ecommerce stores run on Woocommerce. So it is very reliable and well tested.


Before writing this wp proficom review, i did a research on the creator and this is what i found out. The creator is a guy named Cyril Jeet and Han Fan. They is a well known internet marketers who has released amazing products over the years. Their students using wp proficom has made huge amount of money from their ecommerce stores. There are case studies here to show you the proof of this amazing wp plugin and i hope this wp proficom review has shed enough light on the power of this amazing plugin. You can literally set up ecommerce stores in minutes using the powerful features and training that comes with the plugin. wp proficom makes starting a dropshipping business a breeze. You can also start a dropshipping business with eBay using wp proficom



   this plugin, there will be no need for you to manually search through
   thousands of products in Aliexpress. Just use the filters of wp proficom
   to get hot ready to sell products delivered into your wordpress admin.
   This happens in seconds saving you time, resources and money.
– You will also be able to pull products from eBay too with this amazing
   wp plugin
– You will be able to automate pricing and shopping options. You will be
   amazed at all the data you will be able to pull with this wp dropshipping
– You will be able to posts products to your store with 1 click. There is no
   need to type out everything. it is all automated. Just click on the post
   button to post products to your store instantly.
– You will be able to auto post descriptions, titles and product pictures to
   your store with just a click.
– You will be able to set default options for pricing, shipping etc.
– All post are editable inside your wordpress admin
– WP proficom is the most easiest plugin to use. It is very newbie friendly.
   You will be able to avoid the learning curve with wp proficom because
   you are in a familiar and comfortable environment “WORDPRESS”
– You get in-depth tutorials that show you every aspect of the plugin and
   it’s application.
– You are able to get laser targeted traffic to your store with ease. wp
   proficom comes with a proprietary Facebook advertising methods that
   gets you laser targeted buyers from Facebook without endless trial and
   error. You also get all secrete methods used to get highly targeted traffic
   to your store like a pro.
-It covers everything you need with no riddles and mysteries to solve. It
  gives you the all the information to write your own ecommerce success
  stories without getting frustrated. You not just get a course but a
  reference. yes you can come back anytime and get answers even if you
  are a newbie. Everything is well taking care of to get you going in the
  right direction making sales with ease
– You get many more benefits that cannot be listed here.



This wp proficom review is going to give some reasons why wp proficom is better than Shopify and other alternatives.
– Low set up cost: wp proficom works with Woocommerce plugin to create
   your ecommerce stores. Woocommerce is free but the only cost to get
   started is buying wp proficom which is relatively cheap compared to it’s
   functionality. Once you buy wp proficom, you do not need to pay for any
   other thing to get your store up and running.
– No recurring fees/charges: You only pay for wp proficom plugin once.
– Wp proficom works with WordPress which is the most popular platform
   in the internet today. it’s very easy to use and newbie friendly.
   Woocommerce is also the most popular ecommerce platform that most
   ecommerce stores run on. You get a reliable and well tested platform
– You get 100% control of your store. This wp proficom review has shown
   that this is an amazing plugin for anyone interested in doing
   dropshipping with Aliexpress and Ebay


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This wp proficom review has proved that it is very easy to start a dropshipping business using wp proficom. If you plan on doing eBay dropshipping, then this plugin is for you. If you are thinking of doing dropshipping with Aliexpress, then this is the plugin you will ever need. It is very newbie friendly and it is very cheap compared to the functionality. It saves you money and time and most of all, it guides you into profit even from the first month doing dropshipping. It’s a most have for anyone planning on starting a dropshipping business. What makes it even more appealing is that, it comes with a 30 days money back guarantee which means you have nothing to lose. Click the buy button below to get yours now.
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Dropshipping businessThis business model is quite lucrative and getting very popular nowadays. It is possible to be able to make sustainable income doing dropshipping. I will assume you know all about dropshipping but if you don’t already know, lets look at what is dropshipping and take it from there. Before we continue, please check out my last post on Live Leap review


Dropshipping is simply sourcing for products from vendors in sites like Aliexpress etc, and copying the product information from their website and placing it on your website as your own product.

You are also able to increase the price so when someone buys through your site, you make a profit. The way it works is that, after an order has been placed on your website, you then proceed to buy from your merchant or vendor and indicate that the product be shipped to your client that bought from your website.

The good thing about this model is that, you are not stocking any merchandise and you are not required to buy the product pending when you will sell it. Although it is a very difficult business model to do if you have to manually copy the graphics, description etc to your site. It would probably take you months to manually copy each item photo, description etc. You would probably not have the time to go through all products in a particular category to get the best price.

Also you need training on how to source for products from sites like Aliexpress and also finding the right vendors to use and what to look out for. To do a dropshipping business, there are a lot of things to look out for before selecting a vendor but i am afraid we will not be able to talk about it in this post but what i want to recommend is for you to check out my #1 dropshipping plugin that takes care of all aspect of your drop shipping business with the click of a button. You also get full training and support with your dropshipping business when you buy the plugin. This is a must have tool if you are truly serious about making money online doing dropshipping through Aliexpress.


You would need a domain name (Click here to get a domain name from my #1 recommended domain registrar)

Before choosing a domain name, please do read my article on choosing the right domain name for business.

You would need a web hosting account (Click here to get a hosting account from my #1 hosting provider)
You would need a wordpress theme (You can get wp themes from wordpress.org both free and paid).

You would also need woocommerce plugin (Go to google and type woocommerce plugin ) it’s free.
You would also need a payment processor (Paypal is a good choice as it appeals to almost every consumer but you can still incorporate your local payment processing gateway).

You would need a plugin to automate the importation of the cheapest quality products, product pictures, description, Manufacturing price, posted price etc to your wordpress website. One of such plugins that can do this is wpproficom. I highly recommend this wp plugin. It makes dropshipping very easy. Did i mention it comes with complete training on killing it doing dropshipping? well, it is included with your purchase of the plugin.

You also need a reliable autoresponder service. Sendinblue do just fine. But if you want to use a free service since you are just starting out. I recommend Mailrelay or mailchimp. Make sure to verify your domain name etc so you can be able to send emails from your domain name although there are risk. Make sure you only send emails to people who subscribed through your link or website. They also allow importation of contacts.


Searching for manufacturers to help make your dropshipping business a success is something most people don’t take time in researching before embarking on starting a dropshipping business.

But this step is very important if you want to hit it big with dropshipping.

I want to bring to your notice that there are a lot of shady vendors or merchants in Aliexpress portal. You just have to run a search on google to see the scale of this problem. So, make sure that the merchant or manufacturer you are using for your dropshipping business is legit and they are known to deliver shipment to their clients.

This can mean the difference between success and failure so please make sure you spend time researching merchants before embarking on starting a dropshipping business.

Just imagine a customer buying a product from your website and you proceeded to buy the product from your merchant using your customer address in other for the product to be shipped to them only to find out that the product have not been shipped.

This can put your business in a bad light. A bad review is bad for business. The good thing is that there is a way that you can use to access each merchant you want to do your dropshipping business with.

The first step to doing this is checking the reviews on the merchant profile to see if they have had problems with their customers before and if the problems were resolved.

You could still go ahead to get in touch with customers that gave reviews and find out how their problem with the merchant was resolved.

I have heard cases where customers are pressured into giving fake reviews and cases where customers are told they would re-ship a product but want the customer to pay for the re-shipment of fake or bad products. That is not good for someone starting a dropshipping business. so make sure to do proper research before choosing a dropshipping merchant.


You have a number of ways you can sell a product doing dropshipping.

You have direct selling and email marketing. Direct selling could be done on social media platforms etc. While email marketing is by selling products through the emails of your subscriber using an Autoresponder.

The one that is most profitable is selling through email marketing because when someone subscribes into your email list, you can sell to them over and over again.

I tend to advice people wanting to start a dropshipping business to go for collecting leads rather than selling directly because it is more profitable to sell through email.

You could also reach out to your friends and family telling them about your website and encouraging them to shop on your website when they want to do their shopping. This is a very effective strategy.

If you have a Facebook fan page, you could also do your selling there but like i have mentioned in my previous article, you need special social media management tool to handle your social marketing effort as it is overwhelming to try to do it manually.


We are going to list the most active social networks below.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Stumbleupon
  • Tumblr
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

My #1 rated social medial management tool manages your Live videos and helps syndicate them across Facebook accounts, Groups, Fanpages, LinkedIn & twitter accounts.

Twitter is very important platform to do any kind of marketing online and it also helps you keep track of your followers unlike other social media platforms, twitter has the most deep pockets. So this is one platform you have to take seriously but like i mentioned before, marketing on social media platforms is very time consuming and overwhelming. You would need a Twitter management and marketing software like Traffic Snap

Instagram is another powerful network that you can promote your dropshipping business on but once again, it is very time consuming and chances are you won’t be able to effectively promote your dropshipping business effectively.. To marketing effectively on Instagram, you need Insta Easy which is a APP that helps you market and manage your Instagram account turning it into a sales machine. This tool will drive sales and traffic to your website on autopilot.

Snapchat is another social platform you want to be engaging with. But once again, it is very difficult keeping with all your social accounts. Just snapchat a lot will overwhelm you. To market effectively on snapchat, you need my recommended snap chat training that works.

For selling your dropshipping product using email marketing, you need a very good and reliable autoresponder that has high delivery rate.

One of such autoresponder is SENDINBLUE.

Please check out their website to see how it works and what the price is for their service. I would advice you to start small and when your list starts to grow, you can upgrade your account as needed.

You can then add a popup to your website that encourages your website visitors to subscribe to your email list for a free gift. The gift could be for great savings or whatever you can come up with. You can also use a reward system to collect leads. You could use surveys and competition to collect leads.

One very important tool i would like to recommend is Kickstartsurvey  (You will get this for free if you buy WPPROFICOM from this website).

This software is revolutionary and it can help you create any kind of surveys, you can also use it to create a competition and as people enter the competition, they automatically subscribe to your Autoresponder email list.

You can use it to create a reward system for anything. This is very effective and it engages your audience in ways you never thought before. You can use kickstart survey to place your surveys on any website page and when you share it on social media and people start clicking and interacting with it, they automatically op-tin to your email list.

The trick to getting amazing results with Kickstartsurvey is to find authority website in your niche, go to kickstart survey and set everything up and share your special link that will be created. it’s very easy to set up and you really have to check it out to see whats in store for you.


We all know how we feel when we are not satisfied with the support of a company to their product. It’s a sales killer. So it is best to connect your email of your dropshipping business to your phone that way, you get instant notification when you receive an email from your customer.

The way profitable marketers run their dropshipping business is that, they have not one but 2 manufacturers they buy from. One should be the one you trust completely. meaning the one you use all the time while the other should be the one that you use as alternative in case the first one could not meet up with the delivery.

If a customer buys from you and the product is under $50 and for some reason the product have not been shipped, you should immediately order for another product and have it shipped immediately. If a customer contacts you that the  product they received is defective and it is under $50. It is best to just make another order and have it shipped instead of waiting and keeping your customer waiting.

Remember, you want to get good reviews as much as possible. When they receive the new shipment, you can tell them to keep the first one. That way they are happy and are satisfied with your service.

Also, every customer likes prompt response to their queries or questions. So try to respond to your customers emails asap and don’t keep them waiting.

After someone purchases from you, encourage them to give a review of your service. Doing so could triple your sales as people will be able to see that you have a great business going on.


Dropshipping business is the new way to go for people who are interested in starting a Ecommerce business. But please note that proper keyword research is very important to get profitable keywords for your business. This should not be overlooked.

We have come to the end of this article on starting a dropshipping business. If you are into dropshipping and have a special way that you sell your products, or a special way that you promote that is very profitable, please comment below. Also, if you have questions and want guidance in any part of your business, please comment below or use the form on the right top corner of this page to contact us using our contact us form and i will get back to you asap.


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