5 Figure Day System review

5 figure day system reviewIn this review, you are going to learn all about 5 figure day system . Before we go ahead lets understand what 5 figure day is all about and who is the owner and how much it cost to be a member. I know you also want to find out the pros and cons and my conclusion. Before we proceed, please check out my review on Instaniche pro


It is basically a autopilot list building system that also allows members to earn recurring commissions on autopilot. Their website is 5figureday.com and it is owned by Bryan Winters.

5 figure day system is being sold on Clickbank and it has a high gravity. If you know Clickbank and have promoted products there before, you will know what a product with high gravity means.

What this basically means is that, it is of high value with most people promoting it making a sale.

In the members area of the site, you will get squeeze pages to promote your 5figure day system and also the training required to start getting traffic to your squeeze pages and making sales and commissions.

The system is also set up in a way that, other people also help in your list building efforts which is very good for newbies and experience marketers alike who are looking to make more money.


This product is in the Make Money Online niche and the product is designed for people who want to enter the Make Money Online niche. and also 5 figure day is for people who have a day job and don’t have much time to spend building a online business.

It is a very competitive niche but if you have the drive needed to do affiliate marketing, you will surely see success with this product.

Although i want to state right here that the make money online niche is not for everyone and you could be better off getting into a niche that you are very passionate about.


The way it works is that, it helps you build a list on autopilot by having people who join through you build your list for you too when they get new subscribers.

This can really add up really fast and before you know it, you have got a big growing list. The list you build is yours to keep forever even if you opt out of the system.

You will have to set up your auto-responder in the system so if anyone joins through any of your squeeze pages, that person automatically enters your list.

Also, when your new subscribers upgrade, you get paid a monthly residual commission for the duration the subscriber is in the system. This adds up really fast. You can really make good money with this program if you are serious about making money online.

Once you become a member, you will first go through the training where you get to learn about solo adds and other traditional ways of getting traffic.

The value of the training is great and i believe if you follow the training and take note of the tips and advice, you will surely see success.

Now why do i say this? is it because i am marketing this product? The answer is NO. I am saying the plain truth. I have been trying to make money online for years without success and going through their pointers, i have come to realize it is the most effective and easiest way of making money online without spending lots of money buying one new system or tools that is suppose to make you money.

In the their training, they let you know that building a business online using free methods is time consuming and this is absolutely true. Most people give up before seeing any real results because of the time factor.

Some probably ran out of money. In order not to fall a victim of scams online that will make you end up spending too much money, get on the 5 figure day system and start cashing in.

Yes you heard me right. You do not need a list to get started with the system, once you have your domain (check out my post on selecting the right domain name for business), hosting and autoresponder set up, you can buy solo ads as cheap as $10 for each campaign.

But before you do, make sure to go through all the training so you know what you have to do before spending money on any solo ads vendor.

Most system teach long term strategies for building your income online but with this system, you can never go wrong. You will start getting into profit in no time if you take action. You can count on me to help you out with my personal solo ads sellers for quick return on your investment.


This is the most important part of marketing online and that is what 5 figure day system is all about.

Building a fat list that can make you money all the time is very important because it gives you the ability to sell products over and over again to your list.

You have probably heard these word before {“The Money Is In The List”}. Yes this is true. I seriously urge you to click the buy button now and get started on your affiliate marketing journey.


5 figure day system has a free trial for $1 dollar and i personally think this is great because it shows that the creators believe in their product.

After the $1 dollar trial, you then start paying $97 monthly. What you would need most is a domain so you can brand all the viral websites or squeeze pages you will be using to promote the 5 figure day system.

I do not recommend using their free domain at all. As a member of 5 figure day system, your membership covers your hosting that is why you need a domain. You can get cheap domains here


You either get paid to your bank account if you are in the USA or you get paid through paypal.


Yes, there are a number of ways you can earn from the system.

5 figure day system promotes related products to your list. When they make a purchase, you get paid too. Note that you can also do this yourself. i mean sending offers to people in your list.


Across the internet, the only negative reviews and comments come from members of wealthy affiliate. You have to understand that wealthy affiliate members are taught to discredit any other business in the make money online niche by giving bad reviews and calling them scams. Both programs focuses on different aspect of marketing online. Wealthy affiliate focuses more on blogging and building your audience which is cool and still brings amazing results.

But their method takes a lot of time to start seeing results plus you will join the band of calling every other make money online business a scam. I wonder if any of them would call their own internet marketing training business a scam as they will also be in competition with wealthy affiliate.

On the other hand, 5 figure day system focuses mostly on marketing using solo ads vendors in other to get quick results but they also training you on other aspect of marketing like if you want to use free methods to get traffic to your websites.

As for how much you can make with both programs, i can assure you that you will start making money faster using 5 figure day system than wealthy affiliate system.

Did i mention that they also have a growing number of unsatisfied customers? Please do your research before making a decision. Don’t go by what members of wealthy affiliates are saying because it is not the truth and they are only trying to sell their membership.


5 figure day system is a good program for newbies and everyone that wants to make money online fast. It is also good for people who are working but still want to make a side income online.

I say all this because with a little budget, you can start making money instead of blogging a whole year trying to build an audience.



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