how to make an ebook cover freeWelcome to article on how to make an eBook cover free without using any paid software. I decided to write this article because most of the free websites to make eBook cover always put a watermark on your downloaded eBook cover. So i thought why not write an article on how people can do this for free without using any paid tools to make ebook covers. Please note that we are using Gimp for this lesson. Gimp is a free software. Go over to, type “Gimp free download” to download gimp. I will also assume that you already have a image background that you intend to use. If you don’t have, head over to flickr and run a search for “free background image”, select one from this list and then write the name of your ebook on top of the image. That would be all for now. With all that in place, you will be able to go along with the video at the bottom of this article. The video shows you how to make an ebook cover free. Anyway, don’t forget to read my current review of Webinar JEO which is the best webinar software in the internet. it beats gotowebinar hands down.


First open Gimp. When it is open, click on file in the menu above. On the dropdown, click on “open as layers”. Then you have to locate the template for the ecover. Once it is open on the workspace, you then have to go and click on “File” again from your menu above. On the dropdown, click on “Open as layers”. Then locate your ecover background image that you typed the name of your eBook on. import it into the workspace. You will see that it is above your eBook cover template you imported earlier. This is no doubt an easy way to know how to make an eBook cover free. The next step in the process on how to make an eBook cover free is to select “perspective tool” from your “toolbox” on the left hand corner of Gimp. Remember that you have two layers already. One is the eBook template and the second your background image with your book name on it. While your background image or eBook image is on top of the eBook cover template, click on the perspective tool and drag the edge of your eBook cover image to match the sides of the eBook template as illustrated in the video. If you have to zoom the page so you can see the edges very well. please do so. Once all the sides are in place, you are now ready to export your eBook cover. Yes, it is already done. As you can see from the video, it is very simple procedures on how to make an eBook cover free. What you have to do next is to select and group everything together using your select tool in your “toolbox”. Once everything is selected, click on “File” from the menu above and on the dropdown, click on “export as”. on the export dialogue box, select the file extension you want to use. In the video, i used Gif which i highly recommend. Give it a name and click on export. On the next page, click on okay. Please don’t forget the location you saved your finished eBook cover. Now go and locate your eBook cover where you exported it to. Double click on it to open it. You see, very easy using this technique i just showed you on how to make an eBook cover free. That’s the end of this lesson. Please comment below if you are having any problems making your own eBook cover with the steps above and please don’t forget to share this article so others can benefit. by the way, i respond to all comments. To get your free eBook template click here  

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