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How to do blog commentingWelcome to my blog post on how to do blog commenting. Blog commenting is a very effective way to get backlinks, good page ranks on search engines and a source of long term traffic to your website. Although most people tend to abuse this process by doing it without considering a lot of things we will talk about in this article of how to do blog commenting. Today we are going to look at how to do blog commenting the right way. I decided to write this blog post because i have been getting a lot of blog comments which i find annoying for several reasons i will mention in this article on how to do blog commenting. Before we go ahead on how to do blog commenting please, please read my last post on Insta Easy which is the #1 Instagram marketing software for marketers.


Blog commenting is a great SEO strategy if done right. There are a lot of software out there for blog commenting but the only one that i believe is worth looking at is backlinks indexer which has been in the internet marketing scene for years now but i advice to go through the training videos in the members area applying the strategy in this article on how to do blog commenting. Before we go ahead with the steps on how to do blog commenting, we should first look at what blog commenting could do for your website or blog.
  • Blog commenting helps you create valuable relationships in your niche.
  • Blog commenting drives traffic to your website or blog.
  • Blog commenting gives credibility to your website or blog.
  • Blog commenting gives your website a high page rank in search engines and lots more.
Blog commenting is a long term strategy that should be done regularly. But to do this, there are some things to keep in mind. To get started on how to do blog commenting, you first need to find the blogs to comment on. I am not going to refer you to any pricey software because you can easily do this using google. To do blog commenting the right way, you got to make sure that the blog you are commenting on is related to your niche. I am saying because, i get a lot of comments on my blog posts that are on the first & second page of google but 99% are not relevant to the post and their website is not related to my niche. I end up deleting a lot of them. But the ones that are relevant to the post, gets approved by me. A lot of people are doing it the wrong way and that is why their comments end up being deleted. You have to pay attention to this article on how to do blog commenting because it is from real experience. A blog can easily get penalized by search engines for allowing spammy links and ips. With regards to spammy ips, i am going to be writing a article on that too and the title would be like “how to identify spammy ips that comment on your blog”. Now lets continue with this article on how to do blog commenting.


I have read a lot of articles on how to do blog commenting but i do not agree with their ways on how to search for blogs to comment on. I do not advice people to do a broad search say for “blogs with high page ranks“. That would be a wrong strategy because you will end up with a search results that is not targeted to your niche. I have also read blog post on how to do blog commenting which encourages people to search for .edu blogs to comment on. One question that comes to mind is that “Is the .edu blog related to your niche? if the answer is no, then, do not comment as that could be regarded as spamming. I delete a lot of those my internet marketing product review blog.  Another great tool i would like to recommend to help in the search of blogs to comment on is {DROPMYLINK}.


Making sure that your website is in the same niche as the blog you are commenting on is very important because it increases the chances of your comment being approved. It is common knowledge that blogs do not automatically approve blog comments as a lot of people are abusing it by spamming their links manually or using automated software with pre-written comment to post on blogs. Although that’s not to say they don’t work but you have to set the parameters right in other to get the best of your blog commenting efforts. Apply the strategies in this article on how to do blog commenting and you are on the road to success.


To do blog commenting the right way, you have to put building relationships in the back of your mind. As a good practice, reach out to the owner of the blog through the contact us page. Say something nice about their blog and how you enjoyed reading a particle article in their blog. That way, your comments will likely be approved and subsequent comments will be approve. It also open doors for you in terms of guest posting, collaborations etc. In this light, building relationships through blog commenting is the way to go.


This is another important aspect of blog commenting. You have to make sure that your comment is relevant to the post you are commenting on. Failure to do this will likely not get your comment approved. As a said before, i receive a lot of comments on different post on my blog which are not relevant to the post. I regard all of them as spamming. So be careful and don’t go posting comments that are not relevant to the topic. You must follow every point made in this article on how to do blog commenting to be able to see good results with your blog commenting effort. One other tip is, do not attach links to your post. Be creative with the name section and add your link but do not add it to the comment unless you are providing more value. This means the link you should be able to add to your comment should lead to something free that will help people reading the said article. Your comment will never be approved if you add links to your comment and it is not relevant to the post or the link provides no value. Posting affiliate links and links to a sales page is the wrong way to go. If it is something free that will help, it will most likely be approved.


Blog commenting is a very demanding part of marketing and some people don’t just have the time to do it write. Even if you have to use a software, try to work with the guidelines in this article on how to do blog commenting to get the best result. As for software that i can recommend, i will go for Backlinks Indexer anytime. It is a proven tool that has been in the market for years now and it is still waxing strong. Thanks for reading my article on how to do blog commenting. If you have a special way that you do yours that will benefit my readers, please comment below as i want feedback on this article. I also respond to every comment. Also don’t forget to subscribe through the form at the right top corner of this page to receive free training, wp plugins, Special offers emails, great savings on internet marketing products, free consultation on any part of marketing and lots more.

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