How to do blog commenting

How to do blog commentingWelcome to my blog post on how to do blog commenting. Blog commenting is a very effective way to get backlinks, good page ranks on search engines and a source of long term traffic to your website. Although most people tend to abuse this process by doing it without considering a lot of things we will talk about in this article of how to do blog commenting. Today we are going to look at how to do blog commenting the right way. I decided to write this blog post because i have been getting a lot of blog comments which i find annoying for several reasons i will mention in this article on how to do blog commenting. Before we go ahead on how to do blog commenting please, please read my last post on Insta Easy which is the #1 Instagram marketing software for marketers.


Blog commenting is a great SEO strategy if done right. There are a lot of software out there for blog commenting but the only one that i believe is worth looking at is backlinks indexer which has been in the internet marketing scene for years now but i advice to go through the training videos in the members area applying the strategy in this article on how to do blog commenting. Before we go ahead with the steps on how to do blog commenting, we should first look at what blog commenting could do for your website or blog.

  • Blog commenting helps you create valuable relationships in your niche.
  • Blog commenting drives traffic to your website or blog.
  • Blog commenting gives credibility to your website or blog.
  • Blog commenting gives your website a high page rank in search engines and lots more.

Blog commenting is a long term strategy that should be done regularly. But to do this, there are some things to keep in mind. To get started on how to do blog commenting, you first need to find the blogs to comment on. I am not going to refer you to any pricey software because you can easily do this using google. To do blog commenting the right way, you got to make sure that the blog you are commenting on is related to your niche. I am saying because, i get a lot of comments on my blog posts that are on the first & second page of google but 99% are not relevant to the post and their website is not related to my niche. I end up deleting a lot of them. But the ones that are relevant to the post, gets approved by me. A lot of people are doing it the wrong way and that is why their comments end up being deleted. You have to pay attention to this article on how to do blog commenting because it is from real experience. A blog can easily get penalized by search engines for allowing spammy links and ips. With regards to spammy ips, i am going to be writing a article on that too and the title would be like “how to identify spammy ips that comment on your blog”. Now lets continue with this article on how to do blog commenting.


I have read a lot of articles on how to do blog commenting but i do not agree with their ways on how to search for blogs to comment on. I do not advice people to do a broad search say for “blogs with high page ranks“. That would be a wrong strategy because you will end up with a search results that is not targeted to your niche. I have also read blog post on how to do blog commenting which encourages people to search for .edu blogs to comment on. One question that comes to mind is that “Is the .edu blog related to your niche? if the answer is no, then, do not comment as that could be regarded as spamming. I delete a lot of those my internet marketing product review blog.  Another great tool i would like to recommend to help in the search of blogs to comment on is {DROPMYLINK}.


Making sure that your website is in the same niche as the blog you are commenting on is very important because it increases the chances of your comment being approved. It is common knowledge that blogs do not automatically approve blog comments as a lot of people are abusing it by spamming their links manually or using automated software with pre-written comment to post on blogs. Although that’s not to say they don’t work but you have to set the parameters right in other to get the best of your blog commenting efforts. Apply the strategies in this article on how to do blog commenting and you are on the road to success.


To do blog commenting the right way, you have to put building relationships in the back of your mind. As a good practice, reach out to the owner of the blog through the contact us page. Say something nice about their blog and how you enjoyed reading a particle article in their blog. That way, your comments will likely be approved and subsequent comments will be approve. It also open doors for you in terms of guest posting, collaborations etc. In this light, building relationships through blog commenting is the way to go.


This is another important aspect of blog commenting. You have to make sure that your comment is relevant to the post you are commenting on. Failure to do this will likely not get your comment approved. As a said before, i receive a lot of comments on different post on my blog which are not relevant to the post. I regard all of them as spamming. So be careful and don’t go posting comments that are not relevant to the topic. You must follow every point made in this article on how to do blog commenting to be able to see good results with your blog commenting effort. One other tip is, do not attach links to your post. Be creative with the name section and add your link but do not add it to the comment unless you are providing more value. This means the link you should be able to add to your comment should lead to something free that will help people reading the said article. Your comment will never be approved if you add links to your comment and it is not relevant to the post or the link provides no value. Posting affiliate links and links to a sales page is the wrong way to go. If it is something free that will help, it will most likely be approved.


Blog commenting is a very demanding part of marketing and some people don’t just have the time to do it write. Even if you have to use a software, try to work with the guidelines in this article on how to do blog commenting to get the best result. As for software that i can recommend, i will go for Backlinks Indexer anytime. It is a proven tool that has been in the market for years now and it is still waxing strong. Thanks for reading my article on how to do blog commenting. If you have a special way that you do yours that will benefit my readers, please comment below as i want feedback on this article. I also respond to every comment. Also don’t forget to subscribe through the form at the right top corner of this page to receive free training, wp plugins, Special offers emails, great savings on internet marketing products, free consultation on any part of marketing and lots more.


seo tips clipToday we are going to be talking about SEO tips. First we are going to understand what is SEO and why we need to apply it in our blogpost. We are also going to be looking at some SEO tips we can apply in our blog post. We all know how important search engine traffic is and to my knowledge, Search engine traffic is the best traffic because it is free. Before we get started, please don’t forget to check out my last blogpost on Starting a dropshipping business.


SEO simply means search engine optimization. This is a very important factor in ranking any webpage. With the new update from google, this has become very important. If you are thinking of ranking your webpages and getting free traffic from the search engines, you need to apply these seo tips in this article for maximum results.

I have decided to write this blog post on seo tips in order to help anyone who does not understand how seo works. This article on seo tips is also to give pointers on simple seo tips anyone can apply to improve their post in other for it to be able to rank on search engines.

Imagine writing an awesome article and the post can’t be found on google or on search engines. That is not a good thing considering the energy and resources that has been spent writing such a great post. If you are providing good content, you need to apply search engine optimization in other for to reap the benefit of providing good content.

As a matter of fact most website seo problems are just simple seo tips they did not apply when writing their post. Remember anything that is worth doing is worth doing well. If you plan to grow your blog the right way, you have to consider applying these seo tips we are talking about in this post.



  • Make sure your post is readable. It is best to use short sentences when writing your blog post as it will improve readability of your post. You don’t want to write a post that is difficult to read and understand. So make sure you are applying this seo tips.
  • Your post must have a H2 tag on the next paragraph after the first paragraph. This helps tells search engines what you are ranking for.
  • Your post must have a focus keyword and description for the post.
  • Avoid using stop words in your post title and focus keyword.
  • The word count of your post should be at least 300 words or above.
  • One great seo tips you want to always apply to your post is making sure that you are not linking your focus keyword to another post or website. There is no way your post will rank if you fail to apply this seo tip. Say for instance you want to rank for “dog food” and in the post, you link “dog food” to maybe a sales page. That practice is wrong and your post will not rank.
  • Another Seo tips i want to talk about is making sure that your focus keyword should be in the url of your post. This is a very good seo tip if you actually want your post to rank with search engines.
  • First when writing your blog post, the subject of the post should not be more than 65 characters although google has made it possible for people to use longer subjects. A shorter subject reduces the chances of some part of your subject not showing in search results. This seo tips is important although it is not a ranking factor. Why this is important is because, if you use a long subject, some part of your subject will be lost when displayed on search engine results.
  • So always try to use a shorter subject and also make sure that you have not used that subject before. You should also make sure that your focus keyword should be in the subject of your post. A better place would be the starting of the subject. If you don’t know what a “Focus Keyword” is, it is simple the keyword you want the post to rank for with search engines.
  • You should also make sure that you have at least one image in the post and the focus keyword should be in the alternative text of the image. This seo tips is important and compulsory if you want to rank a post. So pay good attention to this.
  • The first paragraph must have your focus keyword. Also, after inserting the image for your post, make sure there is no space between the image and your first paragraph as your image and the first paragraph has to be together on the same line without any spaces. If this seo tips is not applied, search engines will take it that your focus keyword is not in the first paragraph which might lead to your post not ranking. This seo tip is from personal experience. So if you want your pages to rank make sure you are applying these seo tips effectively.
  • When writing your post, make sure to incorporate other related keywords you want your post to rank for also. This helps your post reach a bigger audience. So make sure you are applying this seo tips very well. Your post will be able to rank for your focus keyword and related keywords you applied in your post.
  • It is also a good practice to link text or terms in your post to authority websites like google, wiki pages etc.
  • You want to make sure that your focus keyword has a good density in your post. This means that you shouldn’t allow your focus keyword to appear too many times in your post. The keyword density shouldn’t be at up to 3%. To be able to get very good guidance for this, consider installing Yaost wp plugin in your blog. It is free although there is an upgraded version. Unless you need other functions, the basic one is good and will get the job done. This amazing plugin will guide you every step of the way as you write your blog post. it is what i am using and it is very effective. All the seo tips in this post is highly recommended.
  • Make sure you are researching your keywords before using them in your post. This is one seo tips you don’t want to miss using as it can make all the difference. Also make sure you are using tags that is related to your post. Add as many related tags so your post can reach a wider audience.
  • If you don’t already have a google webmaster account, consider creating an account. This is important because you get great advice and recommendations from the number 1 search engine in the internet for your website (google).
  • There is no way you will know if your website have issues but with a webmaster account, you can be rest assured that google will notify you if there is an seo issue with your website. This seo tips is very important so make sure you are using this tip.
  • You can use your webmaster/search console account to get great insight about your site. Things like what your site is ranking for, what pages are indexed, how many website are linking to your site etc. You will also want to link your google search console account to your google analytics account. This improves the data that will be available to you from google.
  • Liking your search console account and google analytics account, enables you to get special treatment from google and also to make your pages display on search results for keyword your post is targeting. You should consider setting up a google+ account too for your business. Set the page post to public. That way, when you share it on your google plus account, it will be available on google network including google search.
  • If you want to build high quality backlinks the right way, consider subscribing to my email list so you will get notification when it is posted. I will be offering folks a chance to start building high quality backlinks with me.
  • Building backlinks is a long term project and should not be rushed. SEO strategy is long term but applying seo tips from this article will greatly improve your website and your posts rankings.
  • Seo tips is great when applied well. To be able to rank on the first page of google, make sure that your content is unique. avoid copying content from other websites and placing it on your website. Although you can re-write content in your own words even if you found the content on other websites.
  • Writing it in your own words makes it yours but do make sure that you are doing it correctly so as not to get penalized by google and social bookmarking sites.
  • Make sure your website have all relevant pages. i.e Terms & conditions, Privacy policy, etc. Also make sure your address and phone number is on your website. if you are selling as an affiliate marketer, make sure that you have your disclosure in place on your website. preferably, it should be at the bottom of each post so it is very visible. Applying this seo tips will greatly improve your website.
  • Do not use a focus keyword twice. Meaning you shouldn’t use a focus keyword for a post and still use it for another post. Your focus keyword has to be unique.
  • Link your website main keyword to your domain in your post but do not abuse it. Say for example, this site is targeting the keyword internet marketing product review . To do this, I will now link the above keyword to this domain name This is another cool seo tips you want to be using to improve the overall ranking of your website with search engines.
  • It is good to add keywords to title tags, links, meta description, header tags and Alternative text
  • It is good to make sure that each page has it’s own unique descriotion with your focus keyword in it
  • It is good to check site load speed on different browsers
  • It is good to analyze inbound link profile. This is important.
  • It is a good practice to check for broken website links and fix them accordingly.
  • It is good to add a structure data mark up code
  • It is good to claim authorship of content
  • It is also good to remove outbound links that are not relevant.
  • It is good to create a user friendly 404 pages
  • It is good to improve website load time. What really slows down website in wordpress website is installing heavy plugins or having too many plugins installed. Also, if you have a lot of pictures hosted on your website. it can still slow your website load time. To fix this, only upload relevant plugins. Try hosting your website images on other services.
  • Make sure to create and submit your site map (XML)

We have come to the end of this article on seo tips. If you are serious about improving your website, you should try and apply all the seo tips mentioned in this post for a positive result. Please if you have questions about this post, comment below. Feel free to share your seo strategies below. i respond to every comment.


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Dropshipping businessThis business model is quite lucrative and getting very popular nowadays. It is possible to be able to make sustainable income doing dropshipping. I will assume you know all about dropshipping but if you don’t already know, lets look at what is dropshipping and take it from there. Before we continue, please check out my last post on Live Leap review


Dropshipping is simply sourcing for products from vendors in sites like Aliexpress etc, and copying the product information from their website and placing it on your website as your own product.

You are also able to increase the price so when someone buys through your site, you make a profit. The way it works is that, after an order has been placed on your website, you then proceed to buy from your merchant or vendor and indicate that the product be shipped to your client that bought from your website.

The good thing about this model is that, you are not stocking any merchandise and you are not required to buy the product pending when you will sell it. Although it is a very difficult business model to do if you have to manually copy the graphics, description etc to your site. It would probably take you months to manually copy each item photo, description etc. You would probably not have the time to go through all products in a particular category to get the best price.

Also you need training on how to source for products from sites like Aliexpress and also finding the right vendors to use and what to look out for. To do a dropshipping business, there are a lot of things to look out for before selecting a vendor but i am afraid we will not be able to talk about it in this post but what i want to recommend is for you to check out my #1 dropshipping plugin that takes care of all aspect of your drop shipping business with the click of a button. You also get full training and support with your dropshipping business when you buy the plugin. This is a must have tool if you are truly serious about making money online doing dropshipping through Aliexpress.


You would need a domain name (Click here to get a domain name from my #1 recommended domain registrar)

Before choosing a domain name, please do read my article on choosing the right domain name for business.

You would need a web hosting account (Click here to get a hosting account from my #1 hosting provider)
You would need a wordpress theme (You can get wp themes from both free and paid).

You would also need woocommerce plugin (Go to google and type woocommerce plugin ) it’s free.
You would also need a payment processor (Paypal is a good choice as it appeals to almost every consumer but you can still incorporate your local payment processing gateway).

You would need a plugin to automate the importation of the cheapest quality products, product pictures, description, Manufacturing price, posted price etc to your wordpress website. One of such plugins that can do this is wpproficom. I highly recommend this wp plugin. It makes dropshipping very easy. Did i mention it comes with complete training on killing it doing dropshipping? well, it is included with your purchase of the plugin.

You also need a reliable autoresponder service. Sendinblue do just fine. But if you want to use a free service since you are just starting out. I recommend Mailrelay or mailchimp. Make sure to verify your domain name etc so you can be able to send emails from your domain name although there are risk. Make sure you only send emails to people who subscribed through your link or website. They also allow importation of contacts.


Searching for manufacturers to help make your dropshipping business a success is something most people don’t take time in researching before embarking on starting a dropshipping business.

But this step is very important if you want to hit it big with dropshipping.

I want to bring to your notice that there are a lot of shady vendors or merchants in Aliexpress portal. You just have to run a search on google to see the scale of this problem. So, make sure that the merchant or manufacturer you are using for your dropshipping business is legit and they are known to deliver shipment to their clients.

This can mean the difference between success and failure so please make sure you spend time researching merchants before embarking on starting a dropshipping business.

Just imagine a customer buying a product from your website and you proceeded to buy the product from your merchant using your customer address in other for the product to be shipped to them only to find out that the product have not been shipped.

This can put your business in a bad light. A bad review is bad for business. The good thing is that there is a way that you can use to access each merchant you want to do your dropshipping business with.

The first step to doing this is checking the reviews on the merchant profile to see if they have had problems with their customers before and if the problems were resolved.

You could still go ahead to get in touch with customers that gave reviews and find out how their problem with the merchant was resolved.

I have heard cases where customers are pressured into giving fake reviews and cases where customers are told they would re-ship a product but want the customer to pay for the re-shipment of fake or bad products. That is not good for someone starting a dropshipping business. so make sure to do proper research before choosing a dropshipping merchant.


You have a number of ways you can sell a product doing dropshipping.

You have direct selling and email marketing. Direct selling could be done on social media platforms etc. While email marketing is by selling products through the emails of your subscriber using an Autoresponder.

The one that is most profitable is selling through email marketing because when someone subscribes into your email list, you can sell to them over and over again.

I tend to advice people wanting to start a dropshipping business to go for collecting leads rather than selling directly because it is more profitable to sell through email.

You could also reach out to your friends and family telling them about your website and encouraging them to shop on your website when they want to do their shopping. This is a very effective strategy.

If you have a Facebook fan page, you could also do your selling there but like i have mentioned in my previous article, you need special social media management tool to handle your social marketing effort as it is overwhelming to try to do it manually.


We are going to list the most active social networks below.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Stumbleupon
  • Tumblr
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

My #1 rated social medial management tool manages your Live videos and helps syndicate them across Facebook accounts, Groups, Fanpages, LinkedIn & twitter accounts.

Twitter is very important platform to do any kind of marketing online and it also helps you keep track of your followers unlike other social media platforms, twitter has the most deep pockets. So this is one platform you have to take seriously but like i mentioned before, marketing on social media platforms is very time consuming and overwhelming. You would need a Twitter management and marketing software like Traffic Snap

Instagram is another powerful network that you can promote your dropshipping business on but once again, it is very time consuming and chances are you won’t be able to effectively promote your dropshipping business effectively.. To marketing effectively on Instagram, you need Insta Easy which is a APP that helps you market and manage your Instagram account turning it into a sales machine. This tool will drive sales and traffic to your website on autopilot.

Snapchat is another social platform you want to be engaging with. But once again, it is very difficult keeping with all your social accounts. Just snapchat a lot will overwhelm you. To market effectively on snapchat, you need my recommended snap chat training that works.

For selling your dropshipping product using email marketing, you need a very good and reliable autoresponder that has high delivery rate.

One of such autoresponder is SENDINBLUE.

Please check out their website to see how it works and what the price is for their service. I would advice you to start small and when your list starts to grow, you can upgrade your account as needed.

You can then add a popup to your website that encourages your website visitors to subscribe to your email list for a free gift. The gift could be for great savings or whatever you can come up with. You can also use a reward system to collect leads. You could use surveys and competition to collect leads.

One very important tool i would like to recommend is Kickstartsurvey  (You will get this for free if you buy WPPROFICOM from this website).

This software is revolutionary and it can help you create any kind of surveys, you can also use it to create a competition and as people enter the competition, they automatically subscribe to your Autoresponder email list.

You can use it to create a reward system for anything. This is very effective and it engages your audience in ways you never thought before. You can use kickstart survey to place your surveys on any website page and when you share it on social media and people start clicking and interacting with it, they automatically op-tin to your email list.

The trick to getting amazing results with Kickstartsurvey is to find authority website in your niche, go to kickstart survey and set everything up and share your special link that will be created. it’s very easy to set up and you really have to check it out to see whats in store for you.


We all know how we feel when we are not satisfied with the support of a company to their product. It’s a sales killer. So it is best to connect your email of your dropshipping business to your phone that way, you get instant notification when you receive an email from your customer.

The way profitable marketers run their dropshipping business is that, they have not one but 2 manufacturers they buy from. One should be the one you trust completely. meaning the one you use all the time while the other should be the one that you use as alternative in case the first one could not meet up with the delivery.

If a customer buys from you and the product is under $50 and for some reason the product have not been shipped, you should immediately order for another product and have it shipped immediately. If a customer contacts you that the  product they received is defective and it is under $50. It is best to just make another order and have it shipped instead of waiting and keeping your customer waiting.

Remember, you want to get good reviews as much as possible. When they receive the new shipment, you can tell them to keep the first one. That way they are happy and are satisfied with your service.

Also, every customer likes prompt response to their queries or questions. So try to respond to your customers emails asap and don’t keep them waiting.

After someone purchases from you, encourage them to give a review of your service. Doing so could triple your sales as people will be able to see that you have a great business going on.


Dropshipping business is the new way to go for people who are interested in starting a Ecommerce business. But please note that proper keyword research is very important to get profitable keywords for your business. This should not be overlooked.

We have come to the end of this article on starting a dropshipping business. If you are into dropshipping and have a special way that you sell your products, or a special way that you promote that is very profitable, please comment below. Also, if you have questions and want guidance in any part of your business, please comment below or use the form on the right top corner of this page to contact us using our contact us form and i will get back to you asap.


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how to make an ebook cover freeWelcome to article on how to make an eBook cover free without using any paid software. I decided to write this article because most of the free websites to make eBook cover always put a watermark on your downloaded eBook cover. So i thought why not write an article on how people can do this for free without using any paid tools. Please note that we are using Gimp for this lesson. Gimp is a free software. Go over to, type “Gimp free download” to download gimp. I will also assume that you already have a image background that you intend to use. If you don’t have, head over to flickr and run a search for “free background image”, select one from this list and then write the name of your ebook on top of the image. That would be all for now. With all that in place, you will be able to go along with the video at the bottom of this article. The video shows you how to make an ebook cover free. Anyway, don’t forget to read my current review of Webinar JEO which is the best webinar software in the internet. it beats gotowebinar hands down.


First open Gimp. When it is open, click on file in the menu above. On the dropdown, click on “open as layers”. Then you have to locate the template for the ecover. Once it is open on the workspace, you then have to go and click on “File” again from your menu above. On the dropdown, click on “Open as layers”. Then locate your ecover background image that you typed the name of your eBook on. import it into the workspace. You will see that it is above your eBook cover template you imported earlier. This is no doubt an easy way to know how to make an eBook cover free.

The next step in the process on how to make an eBook cover free is to select “perspective tool” from your “toolbox” on the left hand corner of Gimp.

Remember that you have two layers already. One is the eBook template and the second your background image with your book name on it. While your background image or eBook image is on top of the eBook cover template, click on the perspective tool and drag the edge of your eBook cover image to match the sides of the eBook template as illustrated in the video. If you have to zoom the page so you can see the edges very well. please do so.

Once all the sides are in place, you are now ready to export your eBook cover. Yes, it is already done. As you can see from the video, it is very simple procedures on how to make an eBook cover free.

What you have to do next is to select and group everything together using your select tool in your “toolbox”. Once everything is selected, click on “File” from the menu above and on the dropdown, click on “export as”. on the export dialogue box, select the file extension you want to use. In the video, i used Gif which i highly recommend.

Give it a name and click on export. On the next page, click on okay. Please don’t forget the location you saved your finished eBook cover. Now go and locate your eBook cover where you exported it to. Double click on it to open it. You see, very easy using this technique i just showed you on how to make an eBook cover free.

That’s the end of this lesson. Please comment below if you are having any problems making your own eBook cover with the steps above and please don’t forget to share this article so others can benefit. by the way, i respond to all comments. To get your free eBook template click here




SELECTING A DOMAIN NAMEIn this article, you are going to learn everything you need to know about selecting a domain name for business. Please don’t forget to check out my post on making money online easily in any niche.


This is one of the most overlooked steps when starting a business online.

This has led to bad choice in selecting a domain name for business.

Today is your lucky day as you would find this post very helpful if you want to start a business online. I am going to talk about some of the steps to take before selecting a domain name for business.

It is a good practice to put your primary keyword in your domain name. This is cool because it brings good targeted traffic to your website.

To make this work, you have to first do proper keyword research in other to know what your potential customers will be typing in search engines to look for your product.

You would agree with me that getting traffic to your site is very important because it wouldn’t do you any good to have a great website that no one visits.


Big companies like, etc are all trade mark domain names. Also some related domain names are also under their umbrella so be sure to do a proper research so you don’t get into trouble with them in the long run. By not paying attention to this can expose you to law suits etc.


If you already have a registered company, it is good to make sure your company name is somehow included in your domain name. If you don’t have a registered company, consider including the name of the product you are promoting in the domain name.

That way, anyone that is searching for that product in search engines will see your website or rather your website will be included in the search results. Technically, this drives good targeted traffic to your website.

Should it be a .com .biz, .co, .ng,, .us ?

There is plenty of conversation going around the web on which is best to use when selecting a domain name for business. My take on this is that, you should choose a .com domain name if your business model is for international audience.

If you business is targeting a specific region, i suggest you opt for a domain name that is associated with that region.

A .com domain name is considered as premium domain name. it is my recommended choice to choose a .com domain name because with time, you might want to take your business global.

Also .org works good too. Right now, getting a good .com domain name is difficult as most of the good names have already been bought but if you know how to formulate phrases very well, you can still hit it big getting a good .com domain name.


This is one important part of selecting a domain name you want to pay attention to because i have seen people who later realized that their chosen domain name is not brandable which leads them to opt for a domain name change.

If this were to happen to you, you will lose traffic and lots of customers because people have already associated your business or product with that domain name.

When you opt for a change, you lose all those links you have built over time and this can really affect your business in the long run. So be sure that your domain name of choice is brandable.


First, i want to state that using special characters like hyphen does not mean that your website won’t rank but it can get confusing for people who are trying to access your website.

They could easily make a mistake when typing your domain name in their browser.

My recommendation is that, if you want to use hyphens, please make sure the domain name is short and not long so as not to be confusing.

Lets take using numbers for example. If you happen to include the number zero in your domain name and someone happen to tell another person about your website verbally. That person might think the number zero is the letter o. This can be really confusing and can lead to lose of potential customers.


I bet you already see the benefit of using a domain name that is easy to remember. It is the way to go because if your chosen domain name is easy to remember, it means that people will be able to access your website easily even if they are told verbally etc.

This also means that your domain name has to be short. Short names are easier to remember than long names. Please pay attention to this as it is the way forward.


This is another important step to keep in mind as a good company with good support is a good boost to your business.

You don’t want to use a domain registrar that is slow to respond to customers. You don’t want to use a domain registrar that is not concerned or interested in your website needs. So this is important.

I have seen people who decide to change their domain registrar because of their slow response time.

Also because they are not attending to the needs of the customer. You also don’t want to choose a domain name registrar that is always experiencing some difficulties on their end which ends up affecting your website.

If they are having issues on their end, it might affect your hosted website. That is not good as you will likely lose potential customers.

There are a lot of domain registrar to choose from like Hostgator, Godaddy etc but my recommendation is whogohost. They are one of the best hosting company and they are excellent in their services and they are very interested in your needs. What makes me like them more is that, your website is always online no matter what. I am personally using their services to host this website.

They have a very integrated system in place to take care of any situations that may arise with your domain and i am very satisfied with them. Go here now to get your domain name.


I hope this article helps you register the right domain for your business as selecting a domain name for business is very tricky.

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